In the logistics sector, Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are revolutionizing energy management, offering significant efficiency and sustainability improvements. Digitization elevates BESS by optimizing energy usage patterns, forecasting demand, and ensuring seamless operations across warehousing and transportation networks. Real-time data analysis and intelligent algorithms can predict energy needs, reducing downtime and enhancing operational continuity. The digitization of BESS holds the key to transforming logistical operations into more efficient, sustainable, and resilient systems. As part of their strategic initiative, HHLA Next is seeking dynamic and forward-thinking startups in the field of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) to collaborate on cutting-edge solutions that will shape the future of energy storage and management.

General Requirements:

  • Innovation: Demonstrable advancements in BESS relevant to logistics.
  • Scalability: Solutions adaptable to different scales and operational needs.
  • Sustainability: Emphasis on eco-friendly materials and processes.
  • Compliance: Adherence to safety and regulatory standards.
  • Commercial Viability: Clear potential for market application and profitability.
  • Collaboration: Willingness for joint development and IP sharing.
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As the innovation unit of HHLA we develop innovations and products from within (BUILT), cooperate with partners (PARTNER) or invest in innovative companies from the maritime logistics ecosystem (INVEST). We add significant value to founders, startups, and to the global world of logistic by combining the expertise of HHLA - including its access to industry know-how, customers and innovative logistics infrastructure with the agility of a start-up and our venture building know how.