About Scaleup Landing Pad Hamburg

The Scaleup Landing Pad supports growing GreenTech businesses from the fields of mobility, logistics, energy and construction in their expansion to Germany and Europe out of Hamburg.

Scaleups are offered individually selectable incentives that have been curated to match their expansion needs. All these incentives and services will be available on our Landing Pad menu for your choosing and will be provided free of charge. The selected incentives will be rolled out individually to each participating scaleup. Professional service providers from Hamburg’s innovation ecosystem, as well as Hamburg’s economic promotion agency Hamburg Invest and their networks will provide valuable one-on-one guidance to all participating scaleups.

The Landing Pad aims to successfully integrate each scaleup into Hamburg’s innovation ecosystem. Thus, special care has been taken to provide you with specific support in business-matching and pilot project initiation by our service providers. Save time and money on your step into Germany and Europe by landing in Hamburg.

Finding innovative solutions to shape the future of mobility, logistics, energy and construction

In today's interconnected world, we are faced with pressing challenges that affect us all. Many unanswered questions remain on how we can tackle issues such as sustainable mobility, energy demand, and building climate-resistant cities. However, the City of Hamburg is taking proactive steps to address these challenges and welcomes international scaleup companies to join in its efforts. By participating in our Scaleup Landing Pad program, you can leverage the city's innovation ecosystem and make meaningful contributions towards a more sustainable future.

Luftaufnahme Hamburg HafenCity
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Mobility Transition

The mobility of tomorrow faces many challenges today, ranging from efficiency and climate protection to individualization. Hamburg, with a population of approximately 2 million and a strong combination of ship, air, and land transport, is an ideal location to develop solutions for the mobility transition.

The city is actively pushing to develop sustainable urban mobility solutions with a focus on automated and networked driving, traffic data management, intelligent infrastructure and parking, and mobility as a service (MaaS). With over 150 projects spread throughout the city, Hamburg is a laboratory for intelligent transport and logistics solutions.

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Digital Transformation

The digital transformation, enabled by technologies such as AI, blockchain, and quantum computing, offers a wide range of possibilities for a more sustainable future. Smart algorithms and data management, for example, are prevalent foundations for many GreenTech solutions.

Hamburg, home to more than 20 universities as innovation drivers, is one of the leading German cities in these fields. The city cooperates with German AI institutes and promotes the establishment of various hubs for AI, blockchain, and quantum computing expertise across the metropolitan region.

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Green Energy

As one of Europe's most relevant trade and traffic hubs, the city of Hamburg is in a constant state of transition to establish environmentally friendly solutions and decarbonize industries. The city relies on green energy, and Northern Germany holds enormous potential for renewable energy production.

With the ultimate goal of a self-sustaining green hydrogen economy, Hamburg encourages the implementation of innovative solutions in all industry sectors, with a notable number of new projects initiated in areas such as mobility, logistics, and building technology.

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HafenCity, Hamburg
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Future Construction and Architecture

As one of the most dynamic cities in Europe, Hamburg is at the forefront of innovative urban development. The city's HafenCity project is Europe's largest inner-city urban development area. The project aims to transform the city's waterfront into a sustainable and modern urban area, featuring state-of-the-art architecture, advanced materials and green technologies.

Hamburg also has a long tradition of excellent craftsmanship and engineering, which is reflected in its high-quality building stock. As a result, the city has become a hub for research and development in sustainable construction, new building materials and architecture.

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About Hamburg Invest

The Scaleup Landing Pad Hamburg is conducted by Hamburg Invest on behalf of Hamburg’s Ministry of Economy and Innovation. Their aim is to foster innovation and future-oriented projects in Hamburg’s ever growing dynamic environment and to make the city’s strengths and advantages visible to international scaleups. Hamburg Invest is the one-stop agency for relocation and investment in Hamburg as well as the main partner of Hamburg’s business sector on all topics relating to business development. As well as offering a wide range of services for small and medium-sized enterprises in particular, Hamburg Invest is in charge of marketing the city’s commercial and industrial spaces – from land development and advertising to targeting clients and allocating properties. In addition, Hamburg Invest serves as the main port of call for technology- and knowledge-based startup and scaleup businesses.

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