As we embrace the era of digital transformation, there is a compelling need for innovative solutions that leverage artificial intelligence to enhance the efficiency, transparency, and responsiveness of government operations. We invite AI innovators and solution providers to address the following challenges in particular, among others:

Citizen Services Optimization:
Develop AI-driven solutions that streamline and personalize citizen services, improving accessibility and responsiveness. This could include AI-powered chatbots for common queries, predictive analytics for service demand forecasting, or automated processes for citizen feedback analysis.

Policy Analysis and Decision Support:
Create AI tools that assist policymakers in analyzing vast amounts of data to make informed decisions. This could include natural language processing (NLP) algorithms for parsing legislative documents, sentiment analysis for public opinion monitoring, or predictive modeling to anticipate the impact of policy changes.

Traffic and Urban Planning Optimization:
Utilize AI to optimize traffic management and urban planning. This could include AI-driven traffic flow analysis, predictive maintenance for infrastructure, or smart city solutions that enhance overall urban efficiency.

General Requirements:

  • clear product, no AI consultancy or AI staff stack that can build 'anything'
  • proven technology
  • existing customers in other countries
  • clear USP compared to other startups
  • cloud services should preferably be hosted in EU
  • data protection legislation (GDPR & DSGVO) needs to be adhered to

Additional Information:

Proposals should include a detailed description of the solution, its technical specifications, potential benefits, and a roadmap for implementation. Additionally, participants may highlight relevant case studies or examples of successful AI implementations in similar contexts.

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The Senate Chancellery's GovTecHH project is Hamburg's first point of contact for startups that wish to collaborate with the administration. ‘Government technology’ (short ‘gov tech’) is a cipher for digital technologies and innovative solutions with emphasis on the public sector. It allows Hamburg to increase its cooperation with startups.